Stool Color Card

The Stool Color Card is available in French, German, Italian and English.

Carte E

Dear Parents,

Observe your baby’s stool color! Several liver diseases can be revealed by an abnormal stool color. If the stool color ressembles the numbers 5 – 7 (pale stools), a prompt ckeck-up is required. Whatever the color of your child’s stools, bring the Card with you when you first visit your treating physician before the end of the first month of life.

Observe the stool color during the first month of life. If they become pale, its is necessary to make sure that the bile ducts (through which the bile moves form the liver to the intestine) are permeable. Observing the stool color during the first month of life helps in the early diagnosis of most cases of bile duct obstruction requiring prompt treatment.

Don’t hesistate to contact your pediatrician if you have any questions.

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